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Towards Sustainability

Edible business gifts are a great way to nurture business relationships. Promotional candies can also become an effective communication tool, spreading a message about your company, new projects or sustainability initiatives.

The main task of sustainable development in Lithuania – scaling up recycling habits. We believe that the basis of a culture of sustainability is knowledge, and edible business gifts are a unique way to establish a dialogue. We aim to increase public welfare by educating our clients and customers.

We spread the word about packaging materials and their path in the circular economy cycle. We encourage you to add the message about sustainability to sweet business gifts. Let's build a brighter future together!

Sweet Steps Towards Sustainability

Green Products – The Future Today

Every detail in our edible gifts collection is created with love, passion and dedication. We do everything we can to find a way for sustainable solutions too. We are proud and happy with our customers whom increasingly choose ECO line products.

Sustainable choices for your sweet business gifts:

The Program DID YOU KNOW?

Every sweet gift is an opportunity to save natural resources. Have you chosen promotional souvenirs yet? We invite you to devote part of the advertising space to a message about packaging, reusing, reducing and recycling.

Choose one of the ideas below. We will print it on your promotional packaging (box, bag or label). Personalized sweets will please you with their impeccable look and taste. It will also encourage sustainable habits.

Nature-friendly messages for your business gifts:

Ar žinojai
  1. Did you know? Paper and cardboard are 100% recyclable.
  2. Did you know? By purchasing FSC-labelled products, you’re helping forests and people who rely on them.
  3. Did you know? Cardboard packaging is covered in a plastic wrap for the safety of the candies. Please, recycle it.
  4. Did you know? Plastic is the most sustainable packaging material. It protects products perfectly. It can be recycled multiple times too.

Promotional Packaging Made From Recyclable Materials

Even 90% of our packages are made of paper and cardboard.

Saldainių dėžutėms naudojamas kartonas yra 100% perdirbamas. Tiek balti kreidiniai, tiek spalvoti dekoratyvūs kartonai turi FSC sertifikatą, patvirtinantį, jog kartono gamyba vyko laikantis atsakingos miškininkystės principų.

Our chocolate logo labels are made from PAP-marked and FSC-certified paper. Paper labels are 100% recyclable.

Candy paper liners are designed to ensure the safety of confectionery products. Labels of waffle candies, chocolate and bars are made of parchment paper and natural wax base plus covered with a thin layer of aluminum foil. The inner candy wrapper is made of a heterogeneous material. It is classified as a combined package.

Homogeneous mono film (PET) packaging for hard candies is made from 100% recyclable materials.

ECO friendly
Made in Lithuania
Green energy

Sustainable Solutions for Our Clients

Sustainable solutions

We offer promotional candy and chocolate boxes manufactured from organic cardboard (pre-order).

Sustainable solutions

We stopped laminating promotional candy boxes in 2022. Our goal is to encourage the uniqueness of each product through design tools only.

Sustainable solutions

We started to offer chocolates with inner packaging (foil) made of mono film in 2023. It is a homogeneous and 100% recyclable material.

Sustainable solutions

One of our latest offerings is promotional caramels in degradable packaging. We can produce promotional candies on special order in a film that is biodegradable (compostable).


We implement zero-waste principles in our daily duties. We make every effort to maximize the use of available materials and suitably utilize them.

Join our sustainability program!

Need promotional candy boxes? We can quickly produce an additional amount of gift boxes made from paper blank leftovers. It is a great way to extend your gifting period and a timesaver when you suddenly run out of business gifts.

Zero waste

One Box Many Lives Can Live

We pack the produced promotional boxes in larger cardboard packages. We try to reuse the boxes we receive from our suppliers. We encourage customers to extend the use cycle of cardboard boxes.

Gave away all your business gifts? Reuse or recycle the box you have.

Sustainable Solutions in Our Company


  • We use green energy
  • We work in the office during daylight hours only
  • We organize sales and production processes using manufacturing time, materials and human resources efficiently
Green energy
Green Point

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • We are packaging manufacturers aiming to ensure the sustainability of products entering the market, proper waste sorting and recycling
  • Our company is a member of the Žaliasis taškas (Green Dot), a waste management organization
  • We register packages released to the market. According to the cooperation agreement, we delegate the direct financing of waste management to the licensed organization and the obligations set for manufacturers and importers

Waste sorting

  • We responsibly sort materials either in the production process or the office
  • In contribution to the circular economy we reduce the use of non-recyclable plastic
Waste sorting
Cycling to work

Climate-Friendly Future Initiatives

  • We strive to reduce the use of double-sided adhesive tape for box formation.
  • We are gradually changing the shapes of the promotional boxes. Our goal is to assemble the box with no gluing – by construction elements only.
  • We are optimizing the routes of our deliveries.
  • We stopped using plastic cups and paper towels. We are reducing the use of plastic bags.
  • We encourage our colleagues to use bicycles for travel to the office.

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Saldireklama team

The Significance of Emotional Well-Being

Emotional health is one of the top priorities in our company. We create a safe working environment and take care of a friendly atmosphere and the psychological comfort of our colleagues. We feel united by the desire to give special attention to the customer. Each of us does our part to make the atmosphere in the office pleasant and inspiring.

We Bring Joy

We feel lucky to be able to use our experience and professional potential by creating sweet business gifts. Communication, self-expression, and creativity are inseparable from our daily routines. We believe in sustainable communication pieces that give memorable moments and help business relations thrive.

We Cherish Partnerships

We maintain and develop business relations with the most reliable, long-standing partners with excellent reputations. We always strive for fair and open partnerships, healthy competition and problem-solving. We appreciate the creativity of our partners and their desire to grow by creating new projects together.

Socially Responsible Team

We Support and Cooperate with Charity Organizations:

  • Maisto Bankas - labdaros ir paramos fondas"Maisto bankas — charity and support fund
  • Maltos ordino pagalbos tarnyba"Maltiečiai", help service of the Order of Malta
  • Food for Ukraine„Food for Ukraine“

In collaboration with Agne Baltramaitytė, our team created the unique promotional souvenir Žvėryno šokoladas. It is a sweet gift dedicated to Žvėrynas, the historical part of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The exceptional design chocolate is wrapped in a sustainable package. The project becomes a hit and a great communication tool for supporting war-torn Ukraine.

Our Initiatives