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Welcome to our website – the world of sweet promotional gifts. More than 2000 sweet business mementos that fit the current trends and the need for attractive prices. The majority of our range consists of products created by our designers. Many of our popular and luxury boxes of sweets have become classics and remain highly relevant year after year.

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In the times of e-cards and promotional newsletters, our service has come to be a sophisticated and exclusive alternative. Thanks to our authentic products, people can continue enjoying real communication. Chocolates, sweet gifts, and boxes of sweets boasting your logo can help to:

  • make a great impression
  • reduce tensions during negotiations
  • catch the buyer‘s attention
  • find immediate communication with a partner
  • encourage the employees
  • entertain, secure brand-awareness, promote, and inform
  • say thanks and congratulations
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Saldi Reklama is a well-known and reliable brand these days. Hundreds of new customers come to us each year. You are attended to by a team of experienced and qualified professionals. If you wish to feel sure and safe, and you are not a fan of surprises – our service is for you.

Director Jelena Gediminė
Jelena Gediminė
+370 698 40 012

Manager Justas Skrabutėnas
Justas Skrabutėnas
+370 616 11 226

Logistics Manager Artūras Pivoras
Logistics Manager
Artūras Pivoras
+370 686 18 283

Layout design, prepress Aleksas Lukaševičius
Layout design, prepress
Aleksas Lukaševičius
+370 687 30 982

Designer Daria Nikolaeva
Daria Nikolaeva


Whether it’s a small chocolate or a luxurious chocolate set, they can be extraordinarily magical. People will remember your gift together with your company’s logo and your exclusive offer. Such gifts offer great opportunities to open up an individual’s heart and dissipate their indifference. Customer’s instant gratitude and interest will help you establish an immediate connection.

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Saldi Reklama has been active since 1999. This entire time we’ve had great luck. That is because we have prioritised high quality from the very first orders. It is our responsibility to warrant the trust of our customers and to help solve tasks and problems even at times when gifts had been needed yesterday. It has been a great responsibility to be the first and the only ones on the market. We learned from our mistakes and knew not to repeat them. This kind of experience is the most authentic.

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Our collection is complemented by new promotional packaging models and completely new products every year. This is our response to the perpetually changing needs and tastes of our customers.

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You can order confectionery product and box samples. Our sales team will arrange the most convenient format for you. Box samples are provided gratuitously. Sweets, cakes, biscuits, truffles, and other confectionary can be made specially for tasting. This may cost an agreed sum in Euros.


When gifts were needed yesterday...
It so happens that sometimes you may need gifts suddenly and quickly. We have prepared a few popular products for such an event that can effectively solve your problem.


We strive to fully meet all your needs and expectations.
We offer consultations and advice and select only the most suitable product for you.
We find the most optimal solutions.
You can expect interesting and creatively collaborative communication, pleasant service, and orders without any stress.
Visit us, be with us, and stay for a long time. Our goal is to have your clients remember you and wish to see you again.


It‘s better see it in person.
We love it when the customer comes in to chat. They tell us their expectations, consult, and get to see our products in person. Many great ideas and simply perfect solutions are generated right when the thoughts are voiced and the options for sweet gifts are considered together. Our shop always smells of delicious coffee and chocolate. Find time for a meeting and visit us in our shop. Sometimes this can be a way to save time from back and forth virtual communication.


Call us on +3705249779 and we will arrange the best time for your visit


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I am very grateful to Apunta Ltd team and especially to Ms Jelena for their meticulous and responsible work when preparing the Omnitel Christmas gifts for customers. Gifts were of high quality, and having in mind that the deadlines were tight, we can confidently say that the fruits of labour were truly fantastic. Thank you again and see you in the future.

Kęstutis Jasiulevičius,
Omnitel Ltd
Loyalty Management Coordinator

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you for the great sweet Christmas presents that we could give to our partners in the seemingly still ongoing yet recent festive hustle and bustle, making them happy and building even stronger ties - as they say, small gifts strengthen friendships.

Sigita Šimkutė - Makuškienė,
NOD Baltic Ltd Communications Director

logo saldireklama.lt

I want to thank you for the really great work and efficiency, for the great ideas in making our company’s personalised Christmas gift. It's amazing when even the highest expectations are exceeded, and your team has by far excelled in terms of even the most capricious wishes. Thank you. Have a busy and creative coming year!

Lina Slavinskienė,
York Capital Ltd Purchasing Manager

logo saldireklama.lt

The courier delivered the sweets this morning. We are very happy to have received it on time and will be able to prepare for tomorrow's event without stress. The boxes were nicer than we expected, and the sweets are delicious - already had a taste. Once again, you delighted us with your excellent service! I do a lot of work with suppliers and there are not many companies and managers who can be trusted 100%, but you are one of them. Thank you and I wish you a beautiful holiday.

Irena Čepenko,
Klaipėdos konteinerių terminalas Ltd
Director of Sales and Marketing Department

logo saldireklama.lt

I just want to praise and thank you for the superb quality of the products/work! I am very satisfied and happy! Well done! :)

Paulius Stravinskas,
Affidea Lietuva Marketing
and Public Relations Expert

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you so much!!! We have wanted these for twelve years :) You have given us so much joy!!! Today, I have already received photos of the employees’ children with thanks for the chocolates.

Vita Degutienė,
Valakupiai Plastic Surgery Clinic Ltd

logo saldireklama.lt

Good afternoon, we have received the sweets. They look great, thank you!

Deimantė Greičiūnaitė,
Baltic transline Ltd Marketing
and Communications Specialist

logo saldireklama.lt

Your chocolates are great. We are happy with the quality of both the product and the service, therefore we will send you a request again as soon as we need anything else :)

Kristina Mickienė,
Panevėžio miškų urėdija PC

logo saldireklama.lt

Many thanks, the chocolates are great!

Eglė Šimkevičienė,
Stova Ltd Marketing Director

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you! We received everything and are happy :)

Justė Jurgaitytė,
Lietuvos paštas JSC Marketing
and Communications Department Specialist

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you so much for a job well done. The company is very pleased with the beautiful and elegant boxes and delicious sweets.

Goda Gasiūnaitė,
Spektramed Ltd Office Manager

logo saldireklama.lt

I wanted to thank you for you great work. Everyone was impressed :) Thank you :)

Ieva Sutuginė,
Olifėja Ltd Assistant General Director

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you for your hard work and effort in preparing really great Christmas sweets for our company.

Lina Slavinskienė,
York Capital Ltd Economist

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you, we‘ve already received the boxes of sweets, everyone really liked it, and the gold ribbons matched our invitations perfectly, super fitting, it looks like everything was made in one place. Happy and warm upcoming holidays full of gingerbread aroma for your whole team.

Valda Koženiauskienė,
Jonava District Municipality

logo saldireklama.lt

Thank you for the quick order and the beautiful product. Let the coming New Year be another step toward the success and prosperity of your business and let the experience of the past years inspire new ideas and works. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Darius Urbonas,
Gintaro baldai Ltd Marketing Director

logo saldireklama.lt

On behalf of the whole team, thank you for the wonderful gifts. I believe that the delicious candied fruits and Florentines that left us so impressed will leave a great impression on our customers as well. Thank you!

Pharmaceutical Company

logo saldireklama.lt

I can only praise this company - very pleasant and fast completion of orders following the customer's wishes, and most importantly – sweets and chocolates are extremely delicious... I really recommend... And as for the prices - it is not difficult to ask and negotiate.